English Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Reading that rhyme with man  
Reading Long Vowel Phonemes / ai / rain  
Reading Long Vowel Phonemes / ee and ea Sound  
Reading Does it make sense? Game 4  
Reading Long Vowel Phonemes / er and ir Sound  
High frequency reading gameMonths of the Year  
Reading Within Game 4  
Reading Long Vowel Phonemes / oo / boot  
Reading Singular or Plural? Game 3 at Home  
Reading Does it make sense? Game 3  
Reading Full Stop Game 3  
Reading Zara Capital Letter Game 2  
Reading that end with ck  
Invest in Childrens Character  
touch typing type for your life Sentsons  
Powerboat river  
Word Squared  
Calendar Clowns  
Consonant Cluster Crosswords  
Cloze Reading  
Grilled Cheese Please spelling  
Puzzle -Word Scramble Skill  
Puzzle Word Puzzles , Preschool  
Language Making Sentences  
Language Labeling  
Puzzle Animal Puzzle -Spelling  
Puzzle Word Search Skill  
Language Preschool Rhyming Words  
Language English  
Language Sight Words  
Language Rhyming Words Board