Geography Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Raindrops Different types of rainfall  
Earthquakes!! Watch out for tremmors!  
match the flag World flag game  
Buildings All About Buildings  
Barnaby Bear Down Under Story Down Under Australia Barnaby Bear Story  
Barnaby Bear Day Trip To Paris Barnaby Bear Goes to Paris  
Barnaby Bear's Dublin Scrapboo Barnaby Bear in Dublin  
Barnaby Bear Dublin Quiz Quiz about dublin  
Barnaby Bear Poole Quiz Barnaby Bear by the Sea Side  
Barnaby Bear's New Forest Quiz Barnaby Bear in the forest  
Barnaby Bear New Forrest Activ Barnaby Bear in a forrest again!  
Barnaby Bear In France!! Barnaby Bear says Bonjour!  
Barnaby Bear Shopping In Franc A La Supermarche!  
Barnaby Bear Beach Swap Swap the items around at the beach with barnaby bear  
Barnaby Bear Weather Weather around the World With Barnaby Bear  
Where in Britain Is Barnaby Be Barnaby Goes for a wander round Britain  
Geosense Test your knowledge of world geography alone or against another online player  
World Flags Quiz World Flags Quiz  
World Capitals In this game you will be given a question asking you about the capital of a country, then you need to pick up the capital from a choice of 4 cities. You only have 10 seconds for each question.  
Stop Disasters SImCity Style game, build your island with defences and required tourist spots, hit the start disaster button and see how your island survives against a natural disaster!  
Volcano - Explore a Virtual Vo Lots of quality information on volcanoes from the discovery channel. plus a game where you can build your own volcano and see the effects.  
Dragon's Den  
Holey Moley  
Coast to Coast coasts  
News City Pizza  
Conquer the States  
Conquer the States  
Conquer the Continents  

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