History Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Find Egypt Explore Egypt  
Easy Giza! Explore the pryamids!  
Egypt timeline Timeline through Egypt's past  
Egyptian Gods How many Gods did Egyptians believe in?  
Count in Egyptian Egyptian Number System  
How Egyptians Wrote How Egyptians used to write things down  
How to make a Mummy Self Preservation, dont try this at home kids!  
Egyptian Jigsaw Solve the Ancient Puzzle  
Find The Pharoe Wordsearch from the past!  
Lifestyle changes over 100 yea Find out what wasnt around 100 years ago  
Ancient Egypt Adventure artifacts from egypt game with museums and mummies!  
9 Mens Morris - Roman Game Play a game the romans played  
Women's Rights Women's rights  
Muck n Brass In 'Muck and Brass' you will have to imagine you are running a city at the height of the Industrial Revolution, and make choices regarding the welfare of your workforce and the prosperity of your business.  
Whose House? See if you can match up eight famous historic characters with their rooms.  
Weapons through time From knights with swords to rapid-fire machine guns, weapons have become more sophisticated as the threat of attack has increased.  
Tudors and Victorians - Dressi Play the game and see if you can dress the Victorian and Tudor women correctly.  
The roots of English The invaders of Britain left their indelible mark on the English language and culture - from the royal coat of arms to place names and words we use every day of our lives.  
Who Wants to Be a Cotton Milli Britain emerged in Victorian times as the world's first industrial power, but the transition wasn't smooth.  
Viking Quest Go on an epic tale of loot and legend. Vikings  
Gunpowder Plot Quiz Gunpowder Plot Quiz  
Benjamin Banneker  
Booker T. Washington