Primary Games Arena Website Plugin

The plugin shows the top 5 games of the last month on Primary Games Arena.

Plugin Usage

The plugin was designed to be included on school websites and blogs. Commercial use is not allowed.

Add to your School website or blog

To add the plugin to your site, copy and paste the below code onto your website. The code is HTML code:

    <iframe frameborder=0 src="" width="150" height="555"></iframe>

This will put our top 5 games onto your site.

Available on WordPress Blogs

If your school has a blog powered by WordPress, you can download and install the Primary Games Arena top 5 games plugin for WordPress.

Available on PrimaryBlogger

The Primary Games Arena plugin is available on PrimaryBlogger (powered by WordPress).

To install, login to your Primaryblogger account; from the menu, select 'Look & Feel', then click 'Widgets'. Click the 'Fun Games' widget, select a sidebar, and click Save.

The Plugin in action:

The plugin has a transparent background in order to blend into the existing colour scheme.

We have used an iframe on this page (directly below this text).